"There is always something to do. There are hungry people to feed, naked people to clothe, sick people to comfort and make well. And while I don’t expect you to save the world, I do think it’s not asking too much for you to love those with whom you sleep, share the happiness of those whom you call friend, engage those among you who are visionary and remove from your life those who offer you depression, despair, and disrespect." –Nikki Giovanni Jr. (African-American writer and educator)


As CEO/Publisher and Founder of Universal Write Publications (UWP Books), a Social Science Academic Press, her practitioner role distinctly connects with her mission to impact Linguistic Imperialism and rhetoric through the Afrocentric and African Centered constructs. Implications of her research as an Activist Scholar, as well as a Black-centered publisher, will provide a greater understanding of how marginalized social groups can protect themselves by understanding the role of the hegemonic supremacist entity, that Black people are playing by rules to a game that was never meant for them to win.

Because of her passion for educating and creating intellectual safe spaces for people to grow and develop, UWP Books is intentional about publishing books by Black scholars from an African center that provides them opportunities for tenure, rigorous and competitive citations, with the ability to write from one's lived experience and scholarship, in order to take ownership of Black identity and historical legacy.

For speaking engagement inquiries, please contact AyoSekai@uwpbooks.com.

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CEO/Founder of UWP Books | Author 🖋 | Scholar 🎓| Speaker | Ph.D.| Linguist activist

Dr. Ayo Sekai is a native of Jamaica, West Indies, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where she attended High School and her formative post-secondary college years.

As a researcher, she is a Political Scientist and Linguist with a specialization in Black Politics and International Relations.

Dr. Sekai obtained her Bachelor's Degree in English from the State University College at Buffalo. She continued her higher educational pursuit and earned her Master's Degree in the Institute of Latin America and The Caribbean at the University of South Florida and her Ph.D. at Howard University in the Department of Political Science.

Dr. Sekai examines how language is used to impact political agenda, rhetoric, and policies that later become regulated through the legal system, therefore perpetuating policing of the Black body, inequity, inequality, and marginalization, based on race, across the Global South, through an international lens of the Black Diaspora. Specifically, she focuses on Linguistic Imperialism, Dog Whistle Politics on the basis of White Fragility within the framework of Robert Philipson and Charles Mills, The Racial Contract. An important goal of her research is to contribute to the knowledge base of how words are used and her unique contribution to the "Nation within a Nation" paradigm as outlined in her dissertation, Linguistic Imperialism: The Rhetoric of Domination through the African American Lens (Denise Rosier).

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