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American Education Research Association (AERA)

April 13 April 16

Interrogating Consequential Education Research in Pursuit of Truth

Registration and housing for the 2023 AERA Annual Meeting will open on January 10

AERA is excited to host a dual-component annual meeting for 2023 that will be accessible, flexible, and rewarding for all participants!

Learn More: https://www.aera.net/Events-Meetings/Annual-Meeting/2023-Annual-Meeting-Presidential-Program-Theme

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the 2023 Annual Meeting be a hybrid meeting?
The 2023 Annual Meeting will be a dual component, meaning that sessions will either take place in person or on the online platform.

When and where will the 2023 Annual Meeting take place?
The place-based component will be held in downtown Chicago at several hotels from April 13 through April 16. The virtual component will be held on an online platform on May 4 and May 5.

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