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Critical Race Studies in Education Association (CRSEA) 2022 Conference

October 26 October 28

Conference Theme: Addressing AntiBlackness: Revolution Planning for a New Future

The conference theme, Addressing AntiBlackness: Revolution Planning for a New Future, seeks to galvanize the labor of activists, scholars, educators, researchers, anti-racists, and CRiT village members to name, confront, disrupt and oppose all forms of antiBlackness. Socially ordained and state-sanctioned dehumanization and control of all that is Black align to the goal of antiBlackness, which furthers the continued oppression of all Black folks. For example, in response to racial unrest of 2020 and 2021; campuses across the nation began anti-racist initiatives. Such feats rarely result in substantive change, which does little to move past performative amoral public relations, while shallowly placating to Black fear. Knowing that the boundaries of appropriate humanity for Black people are outlined by whiteness; such violence replicates actions to repress racial progress, obscure Black liberation, and/or failure to redress wrongs.

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