Black Male Teachers and Administrators: The Pipeline to Educational Justice

<strong>THE READING CIRCLE INTERVIEW<strong><br><strong>With Marc Medley Dr Perry Daniel<strong>

The conversation has come up now, more often than not, regarding the disparities in educational practices and the unfair opportunity to skip, transcend or navigate the rigorous expectations from scholar to school administration. Even within the K-12 community, the conversation resonates because it impacts so many of us.

We are Black and Brown, we are immigrants, we believe in the African-centered ideology as opposed to the Eurocentric one, and we teach history. Black history.

The invaluable conversation between these two brilliant Black men, who are grounded in the foundation of the African narrative, and understand their roles to be present, represent, and lead, is something that I hope you will find helpful.

Who is our sponsor, our advocate, and who can we advocate for? Starting with the children who need our help, the community who must be educated, and the representation that we think goes unnoticed.

This conversation is particularly fascinating because it engages the academic process for many of our audience who are in the Academic Pipeline and demonstrates how this process varies drastically between various demographics.

Sometimes, it is what we don’t know that hurts us most. And though it is widely acknowledged that the spaces provided for men far outweigh the spaces for women and that men can navigate and maneuver these spaces with more help and fluidity, it is a benefit to hear from those two thought leaders. Special thank you to Dr. Daniel Perry and Mr. Marc Medley at THE READING CIRCLE—a company he started in early 2000. He has graced his mic with well-known and emerging authors, not just from traditional or social science publishing companies, such as UWP Books, but from authors all across the spectrum of writing, giving voice to those willing to change the world.

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