Date of Publication: 2009
Pages: 20
ISBN: 9781942774082

Cheyanne Rosier

Bumblebee Longhorn Needle

Bumblebee Longhorn Needle’s titular character is a fun, carefree bee who loves flowers and sunshine. When his happy-go-lucky demeanor catches the attention of a jealous butterfly, a story of bullying, pride, and envy takes flight. Together, the Butterfly and Bumblebee Longhorn Needle learn the importance of kindness towards others and the beauty of having good friends. 

Readers will enjoy:

● A tale written for children, by children.

● Colorful characters and beautiful illustrations.

● A practical message about the impact of bullying.

● A perfect story for the whole family.

About the Author

Cheyanne Rosier is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a bachelor’s of science in Psychology. She is a published author, designer, and animator who is dedicated to the art of storytelling. Cheyanne is a prolific researcher, dynamic storyteller, creative, artistic animator, and UWP Advisory Committee Member and Ambassador. Her goal is to continue her studies in a PhD that resonates with her commitment to scholarship and science. Watch her YouTube channel, CheyFi, or visit her website.

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