Date of Publication: 2019
Pages: 132
ISBN: 978-0-982532-79-9

Tamu Mazama

Seventeen Dry Seasons

When the ecological crisis has grown to new heights, Akosua finds herself on a mission to save the world. When she is contacted by Yemanja, a goddess who rules over the seas, Akosua embarks on a quest to share the goddess’s message and discover the meaning of life itself. Join Akosua as she explores new lands, cultures, and identities to protect the place she calls home. Though she doubts herself at times, Akosua proves that the wits and compassion of one girl can make all the difference. 

Readers will enjoy:

● A fantasy work told from an Afrocentric perspective.

● Culturally significant themes.

● A morally rich novel relevant for teens and young adults.

● A story told from the perspective of a black girl.

About the Author

Tamu Mazama was born in Philadelphia, PA. She has been homeschooled since first grade. She has a deep interest in the environment and the serious ecological global crisis. The story Seventeen Dry Seasons is Tamu Mazama's reflection about the world's condition, through her own journey's eyes. The author speaks many languages. She loves to sing, writes poetry, photography, and plays the guitar.

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