UNTAMED- by Cheyanne Rosier
Date of Publication: 2015
Pages: 100
ISBN: 9781942774006

Cheyanne Rosier


Slayers are power-wielding demon hunters, and Mystical Levinhaark has been training to become one her entire life. After seventeen long years of work, there was just one final step: passing the trials and earning her official Slayer badge. However, when her trial goes awry, and she falls into demon territory, Myst finds herself in an unfamiliar land–and an unfamiliar body. Trying to survive, she must learn to live as a member of the demonic species that repulses her. What secrets will her experience as a demon uncover? Will her Slayer soul rise above the slaughter, or was she always meant to be Untamed? A battle of epic proportions is coming, and she can only hope they will be ready. 

Readers will enjoy:

● An expressive fantasy tale with a black female lead. 

● An action-packed adventure that shows the world of Slayer in a new light.

● A unique and timely story that is perfect for teens and adults alike.

About the Author

Cheyanne Rosier is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a bachelor’s of science in Psychology. She is a published author, designer, and animator who is dedicated to the art of storytelling. Cheyanne is a prolific researcher, dynamic storyteller, creative, artistic animator, and UWP Advisory Committee Member and Ambassador. Her goal is to continue her studies in a PhD that resonates with her commitment to scholarship and science. Watch her YouTube channel, CheyFi, or visit her website.

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