Seventeen Dry Seasons

When the ecological crisis has grown to new heights, Akosua finds herself on a mission to save the world. When she is contacted by Yemanja, a goddess who rules over the seas, Akosua embarks on a quest to share the goddess’s message and discover the meaning of life itself. Join Akosua as she explores new […]

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UWP Afrocentric-Before-Afrocentricity

Afrocentric Before Afrocentricity: A Quest Towards Endarkenment

From religion to love, slavery to freedom, language is a powerful tool.  We use words to identify, express, impose and create movements, overthrow governments, topple dictators and impart knowledge.  It is no surprise then that the news media, schools, and religious institutions can use words, images, symbols, music, art, and stories, to either keep people […]

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UWP 400-Years-of-Witnessing-Book-Cover

400 Years of Witnessing: A Memoir of a People 1619-2019

What is a person to do with the pain, anger, fear, frustration and dismay of Black defamation and demise due to White supremacy’s racism and anti-Blackness? Even more, how does one celebrate the triumph of surviving and escaping enslavement, establishing civil rights, creating and promulgating renaissance after renaissance as social movements while inspiring the world […]

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The Precarious Center or When Will the African Narrative Hold?

The Precarious Center or When Will the African Narrative Hold? dispels the Western romanization of Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese to the detriment of African ideas and ideals. This text re-centers the African world and dispels the dominating myths and memes of Greek society, which have obliterated all other approaches with the false […]

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Being Human Being

“If there’s anything that has prevented human beings from being human beings, then it is the discourse of racist ideas. Being Human Being cogently and clearly reveals the illusion, disruption, and distraction of racist ideas, which have left people conceptually stranded from the fullness of humanity. And this moving book goes a step further. Molefi […]

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