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Black Women’s Pathways to Executive Academic Leadership: Lessons from Lived Experiences

Over half of college presidents (55%) are planning to step down from their positions within the next five years. This impending change in leadership, particularly among underrepresented groups, presents an opportunity not only to diversify leadership but more importantly address “the need for leaders who understand the experiences of racially and ethnically diverse student bodies […]

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Skh From Black Psychology to The Science of Being

A pioneer in his field, and founding member of the Association of Black Psychologists, Dr. Wade Nobles life’s work has been no less than a formal engagement in the on-going theoretical development and programmatic application of African (Black) psychology, African centered thought, and cultural grounding to address the liberation and restoration of the African mind […]

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Revolutionary Pedagogy: Primer for Teachers of Black Children, Second Edition

Coming This Fall – Reserve Your Copy! Since its first release in 2017, Revolutionary Pedagogy: A Primer for Teachers of Black Children has captivated educators and professionals in the field of education with overwhelming praise, offering both theoretical insights and practical guidance on pedagogy. While its focus is on empowering students of African descent, the […]

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Illmatic Consequences: The Clapback to Opponents of ‘Critical Race Theory’

Illmatic Consequences: The Clapback to Opponents of ‘Critical Race Theory,’  is a unique mix of social science and hip-hop essays that address the marginalization of Blacks in the United States. Led by editors Walter Greason and Danian Jerry, the contributors in this edited volume address pervasive social injustice using hip-hop and Afrofuturism to offer solutions to […]

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Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries

Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries, compiled by one of the leading political science theorists in the contemporary academy, brings to light some of the most telling aspects of the Trump phenomenon. In twenty-one chapters, this volume covers the entire spectrum of the Trump rhetorical campaign, pointing out the various ways the […]

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African Pyramids of Knowledge

Afrocentricity allows the student of human culture investigating African phenomena to view the world from the standpoint of the African. As Ama Mazama has argued in The Afrocentric Paradigm, Afrocentricity’s implications are multifarious and constant. Since the publication of Mazama’s book two decades ago (and spurred in turn by Dr. Asante’s Afrocentricity: The Theory of […]

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The Precarious Center or When Will the African Narrative Hold?

The Precarious Center or When Will the African Narrative Hold? dispels the Western romanization of Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese to the detriment of African ideas and ideals. This text re-centers the African world and dispels the dominating myths and memes of Greek society, which have obliterated all other approaches with the false […]

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Revolutionary Pedagogy: Primer for Teachers of Black Children

Revolutionary Pedagogy: Primer for Teachers of Black Children is a passionate appeal to teachers to take what George Dei calls a “transgressive” position toward education’s status quo, a status quo often expressed as a commitment to excellence of all students. This book offers tools for those who want to reverse the brain freeze that often […]

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The Afrocentric School: [a blueprint]

Who are we? Is a central question asked throughout the African Diaspora. This handbook offers answers to that burning question based on ancient African principles that relate to the critical role of teaching our children and are drawn from Nah Dove’s UNICEF-sponsored work in Ghana. Grounded in the love of African humanity–women, men, girls, and […]

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Being Human Being

“If there’s anything that has prevented human beings from being human beings, then it is the discourse of racist ideas. Being Human Being cogently and clearly reveals the illusion, disruption, and distraction of racist ideas, which have left people conceptually stranded from the fullness of humanity. And this moving book goes a step further. Molefi […]

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