Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries

Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries, compiled by one of the leading political science theorists in the contemporary academy, brings to light some of the most telling aspects of the Trump phenomenon. In twenty-one chapters, this volume covers the entire spectrum of the Trump rhetorical campaign, pointing out the various ways the […]

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We Will Tell Our Own Story! The Lions of Africa Speak

These authors, all deeply dedicated to the telling of an African story, are committed to righting the wrongs of intellectual inquiry by setting upright the standards, criteria, and assumptions often avoided by Eurocentrists—of any complexion. Without the ‘lions of Africa’ speaking and writing about their narratives, the fields of literature, philosophy, social science, history, and […]

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The American Demagogue: Donald Trump in the Presidency of the United States

Demagogues act as if they have a right to rule not as Plato’s philosopher kings but, in a twisted perversion, because of their supposed higher intelligence. And yet, in the case of Donald Trump, there is little evidence that he has a liberal education or a broad understanding of the contemporary world. Trump neither reads […]

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Lynching Barack Obama: How Whites Tried to String Up the President

When President Barack Obama was elected as the first Black president of the United States of America in 2008, stereotypes and racism were considered history. However, as Molefi Kete Asante demonstrates in Lynching Barack Obama: How Whites Tried to String Up the President, racism still permeates every sector of the society, and the attacks on […]

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The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller

The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller

Charles Fuller is a pre-eminent American dramatist, yet few critics have examined Charles Fuller seriously or even speak of his philosophy, style, originality, and brilliance. Despite winning some of the highest awards in the nation, his work, like that of so many other Black writers, has fallen outside the gaze of contemporary literary and dramatic […]

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UWP 400-Years-of-Witnessing-Book-Cover

400 Years of Witnessing: A Memoir of a People 1619-2019

What is a person to do with the pain, anger, fear, frustration and dismay of Black defamation and demise due to White supremacy’s racism and anti-Blackness? Even more, how does one celebrate the triumph of surviving and escaping enslavement, establishing civil rights, creating and promulgating renaissance after renaissance as social movements while inspiring the world […]

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The Precarious Center or When Will the African Narrative Hold?

The Precarious Center or When Will the African Narrative Hold? dispels the Western romanization of Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese to the detriment of African ideas and ideals. This text re-centers the African world and dispels the dominating myths and memes of Greek society, which have obliterated all other approaches with the false […]

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The Afrocentric School: [a blueprint]

Who are we? Is a central question asked throughout the African Diaspora. This handbook offers answers to that burning question based on ancient African principles that relate to the critical role of teaching our children and are drawn from Nah Dove’s UNICEF-sponsored work in Ghana. Grounded in the love of African humanity–women, men, girls, and […]

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Being Human Being

“If there’s anything that has prevented human beings from being human beings, then it is the discourse of racist ideas. Being Human Being cogently and clearly reveals the illusion, disruption, and distraction of racist ideas, which have left people conceptually stranded from the fullness of humanity. And this moving book goes a step further. Molefi […]

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