Revolutionary Pedagogy: Primer for Teachers of Black Children, Second Edition

Coming This Fall – Reserve Your Copy! Since its first release in 2017, Revolutionary Pedagogy: A Primer for Teachers of Black Children has captivated educators and professionals in the field of education with overwhelming praise, offering both theoretical insights and practical guidance on pedagogy. While its focus is on empowering students of African descent, the […]

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Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries

Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries, compiled by one of the leading political science theorists in the contemporary academy, brings to light some of the most telling aspects of the Trump phenomenon. In twenty-one chapters, this volume covers the entire spectrum of the Trump rhetorical campaign, pointing out the various ways the […]

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We Will Tell Our Own Story! The Lions of Africa Speak

These authors, all deeply dedicated to the telling of an African story, are committed to righting the wrongs of intellectual inquiry by setting upright the standards, criteria, and assumptions often avoided by Eurocentrists—of any complexion. Without the ‘lions of Africa’ speaking and writing about their narratives, the fields of literature, philosophy, social science, history, and […]

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The American Demagogue: Donald Trump in the Presidency of the United States

Demagogues act as if they have a right to rule not as Plato’s philosopher kings but, in a twisted perversion, because of their supposed higher intelligence. And yet, in the case of Donald Trump, there is little evidence that he has a liberal education or a broad understanding of the contemporary world. Trump neither reads […]

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Lynching Barack Obama: How Whites Tried to String Up the President

When President Barack Obama was elected as the first Black president of the United States of America in 2008, stereotypes and racism were considered history. However, as Molefi Kete Asante demonstrates in Lynching Barack Obama: How Whites Tried to String Up the President, racism still permeates every sector of the society, and the attacks on […]

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African Pyramids of Knowledge

Afrocentricity allows the student of human culture investigating African phenomena to view the world from the standpoint of the African. As Ama Mazama has argued in The Afrocentric Paradigm, Afrocentricity’s implications are multifarious and constant. Since the publication of Mazama’s book two decades ago (and spurred in turn by Dr. Asante’s Afrocentricity: The Theory of […]

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Radical Insurgencies

Radical Insurgencies draws and translates wisdom from Africology, history, sociology, and philosophy to stitch together various social and political concerns presented by Asante in various academic settings. The book offers selected portions of significant speeches, an adaptation from the author’s The American Demagogue, and a selection of conference papers presented in British Columbia, Zimbabwe, and […]

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Revolutionary Pedagogy: Primer for Teachers of Black Children

Revolutionary Pedagogy: Primer for Teachers of Black Children is a passionate appeal to teachers to take what George Dei calls a “transgressive” position toward education’s status quo, a status quo often expressed as a commitment to excellence of all students. This book offers tools for those who want to reverse the brain freeze that often […]

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