Lies | A Poem By Ayo Sekai

Lies! Lies! Lies!
Lies all around us
Lies melting off their tongues like the dribble off a baby’s lip
Lies so Profound
They dig deep into the hearts and souls of my ancestors, and I hear them scream

Lies! Lies! Lies!
Lies about where I came from
Lies about the mother of civilization
From where life sprang in the heart of Alkebulan

Lies to get me to betray my brother and abandon my sister
Lies that tells me that Black is evil and dirty
Lies that crawl into my dreams at night and scrape at the figments of my Imagination
Putting me into mental slavery
Lies that set us against each other and break us apart
Destroying the foundation of our strength and scattering us into strange new lands
Lies that coin us stupid
Forcing us to depend on their mercy
And breaking the spirit and passion of a Black man who was once worshipped as a King of antiquity

Lies, I tell you!
All lies!
Lies that send my brothers running in rage and fear
Lies that ripped the child from my sister’s bosom
With the baby’s lip still in a suckle, and the drip, drip, drip of innocent milk Splattered what was left of the purity of our Black race
As it dries in the same soil that was saturated with my father’s blood

Lies, I tell you!
You must believe me
Black was the first color God manifested
Black ruled, created, invented, and reinvented ourselves out of nothing.
We were princes and queens
And wore our pride in nakedness and were not ashamed

The lies they tell us are only a deterrent
A misguided sabotage coverup to make us believe we are nothing
To steal the fact that we are EVERYTHING!

Lies, I tell you
All lies! 
I tell you the truth
They Lies!

Ayo Sekai | January 30, 1997

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Ayo Sekai PhD

Dr. Sekai is a Political Science Ph.D. Howard University alum, a member of Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society, YALE- Bouchet Graduate Honor Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, and a published author. She is a Poetical Scientist and Linguistic Activist. You can find her work on YouTube and her website at In her book, Afrocentric Before Afrocentricity (2016), renowned philosopher Molefi Kete Asante counted Ayo among the great Griots and “royal panoply which includes Haki Madhubuti, Nikki Giovanni, Mari Evans, Sonya Sanchez, and Langston Hughes” (Sekai & Rosier, 2016).

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