Yoshitaka "Yoshi" Miike, PH.D.


“Asiacentricity, as a paradigmatic and pragmatic idea, insists on revivifying and revitalizing diverse Asian cultural traditions as theoretical resources in order to capture Asians as subjects and actors of their own cultural realities rather than objects and spectators in the lived experiences of others.”

Current Research Interest

His recent research focuses on the history of the field of Asian communication theory, non-Western traditions of communication ethics, and aspects of Japanese culture and communication.

Pioneer on Asiacentricity | Professor of Intercultural Communication at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo

Dr. Miike is best known for his pioneering work on the paradigmatic and pragmatic idea of Asiacentricity. He co-edited The Global Intercultural Communication Reader (1st and 2nd Editions, Routledge, USA) and guest-edited four journal special issues/section on Asian communication theory.

His numerous essays have been published in such outlets as Asiacentric Theories of Communication (Zhejiang University Press, China), Communication Monographs (NCA/Routledge, USA), Encyclopedia of Identity (Sage, USA), Essays in Honor of an Intellectual Warrior, Molefi Kete Asante (Editions Menaibuc, France), Ferment in the Intercultural Field: Axiology/Value/Praxis (International and Intercultural Communication Annual, Volume 26, NCA/Sage, USA), Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication (Wiley-Blackwell, USA), Human Communication: A Journal of the Pacific and Asian Communication Association (PACA, USA), Intercultural Communication: A Reader (12th-14th Editions, Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, USA), Intercultural Communication (Handbooks of Communication Science, Volume 9, De Gruyter Mouton, Germany), International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy (ICA/John Wiley & Sons, UK), Keio Communication Review (Keio University, Japan), Review of Communication (NCA/Routledge, USA), Selected International Papers in Intercultural Communication (Zhejiang University Press, China), and Theories and Practices of Chinese Communication (Wunan, Taiwan).

Dr. Miike currently serves on the editorial boards of the Asian Journal of Communication (AMIC/Routledge, UK), China Media Research (Michigan, USA/Zhejiang University, China), Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS, USA), International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication (ICA/John Wiley & Sons, UK), Journal of Black Studies (Sage, USA), Journal of Content, Community and Communication (Amity University, India), Journal of International and Intercultural Communication (NCA/Routledge, USA), and Universal Write (New York, USA).

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