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We Will Tell Our Own Story

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Molefi Kete Asante

Revolutionary Pedagogy

Today the principal concern in public education is the commitment to excellence for all students. Revolutionary Pedagogy is a passionate appeal to teachers to take what George Dei called a “transgressive” position toward the status quo of education. This book serves those who want to reverse the brain freeze that often accompanies both the students and their teachers in urban situations.

Readers will learn how and what to use to:
• Create revolutionary pedagogy
• Provide students the opportunity to begin the study of the world, its people, concepts, and history from the view of the African child’s heritage
• Identify the three critical challenges to white supremacist teachings
• Correct distorted information
• Learn how to recognize dysconscious racism
• Re-center dislocated African American students and expand the knowledge of all other students in the classroom

Revolutionary Pedagogy presents illustrative and demonstrative examples that can explain and interpret facts, themes, conditions, environments, and personalities in education. The author offers teachers the best tools possible to unlock the potential in all children sitting in front of them in the classroom.

Available at your favorite online bookstore.

Available at your favorite online bookstore.

Nah Dove

The Afrocentric School: A Blueprint

Who were we? This book endeavors to answer that question. This handbook humbly offers ideas based on ancient African principles that relate to the critical role of teaching our children. Grounded in the love of African humanity -- women, men, girls, and boys -- this handbook counters anti-African and anti-Black beliefs that have been propounded over centuries. The Afrocentric School recognizes a range of African cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors that exists, just as there are among the different peoples who conquered Africa. In this work, the cultural legacy and heritage of Africa is embraced to provide the knowledge that will reawaken the cultural memory. The handbook provides a foundational curriculum for children aged 3-15 years, and its standards are based upon expectations developed from a baseline study on child development and education.

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