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We are committed to building a community of authors, scholars, readers, and thinkers. We believe we are living in a time of change, a time of purpose, and a time to make a difference in our individual spaces and places of cultural significance. We recognize the importance of social and historical records, which draws from a diverse past to enrich our common future.

As UWP Books is a small independent press with a very niche audience, we encourage you to understand the mission and vision of UWP, as all authors here are family working towards the mission of community and legacy building. We encourage the collaboration of senior and emerging scholars to bridge the gap of knowledge, and increase faculty development that explores Black history, philosophy, education, religion, science, and other critical topics that recenter, restore, and expand learning. We welcome your book proposals.

How to Submit a Proposal

The guidelines below offer general suggestions for the preparation of your submission. Your proposal should include the following six (6) items:

  1. Your contact details.
  2. Manuscript Details (Title and Sub-Title, anticipated length, number of images, etc.)
  3. In no more than a few paragraphs, please summarize the scope of the book, its key argument, and its overall contribution to the field.
  4. A detailed table of contents that summarizes the contents of each chapter.
  5. A description of your intended readers, and why it will appeal to that audience.
  6. An up-to-date curriculum vita or resumé.

You may include one to two sample chapters that demonstrate the clarity and precision of your prose and the appeal of your theoretical framework.

Send your proposal to


Currently, we do not consider works of original fiction (our fiction program consists of fiction in translation and reprints of classic novels). 

Commitment to Authors

The UWP commitment to quality production is synonymous with our commitment to fostering and sustaining healthy and prosperous relationships with each of our authors. We pay close attention to detail, welcome creative input, and vision as well as work with many industry leaders to produce quality publications. From professionally edited content to professional designer book covers, every aspect of production is engaged with quality at the forefront.

UWP is committed to a rigorous review of our publications. Our rigor includes, but is not limited to, soundness of method, orientation of literature in African-centered thought, extending African-centered scope of understanding, contemplation, and examination.

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