Slayer Book-Cover
Date of Publication: 2014
Pages: 62
ISBN: 9780974226989

Cheyanne Rosier


Aera is the commander of the Royal Elite, a select group of fighters entrusted with the safety of their countrymen. When a series of murders rattle the kingdom, Aera and her team must rise to face an enemy unlike any they have faced before. With the help of an experienced demon hunter named Slayer, they must decipher a prophecy, defeat supernatural creatures, and stop the world as they know it from being consumed by evil. This dark fantasy explores how the anger of a few can be the downfall of the whole and teases the idea that maybe the monsters we seek can be found within. 

Readers will enjoy:

● A nuanced novel with a young, black female lead.

● A complex ensemble of lovable characters. 

● A new world of unique concepts, action, and magic.

About the Author

Cheyanne Rosier is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a bachelor’s of science in Psychology. She is a published author, designer, and animator who is dedicated to the art of storytelling. Cheyanne is a prolific researcher, dynamic storyteller, creative, artistic animator, and UWP Advisory Committee Member and Ambassador. Her goal is to continue her studies in a PhD that resonates with her commitment to scholarship and science. Watch her YouTube channel, CheyFi, or visit her website.

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