The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller
Date of Publication: 2014
Pages: 170
ISBN: 978-1-942774-01-3

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante

The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller

Charles Fuller is a pre-eminent American dramatist, yet few critics have examined Charles Fuller seriously or even speak of his philosophy, style, originality, and brilliance. Despite winning some of the highest awards in the nation, his work, like that of so many other Black writers, has fallen outside the gaze of contemporary literary and dramatic discourse. This book brings a critical reading and sympathetic location of Fuller’s drama in the center of African American dramatic and social history.

The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller is an accessible and appropriate introduction to the mind of Fuller for those who know his work and those who do not.  In the strictest sense of the word Charles Fuller was not merely someone who writes, but an intellectual who reflected on the entire process of bringing new ideas into existence.

About the Author

Through his body of 94 books, Molefi Kete Asante has become the seminal theoretician of Afrocentric infusion into the curriculum, examining and advancing the agency-centered ideological position in the realm of education, culture, and science. Widely read and consulted, Dr. Asante and his books have inspired educators in the United States, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, and Brazil.

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