Date of Publication: March 2024
Pages: 220
ISBN: 978-0-9742269-3-4

Ayo Sekai, Ph.D.

A2: A Scholarly Poetical Science Discourse

A2 is a qualitative inquiry that pushes the bounds of multidisciplinary scholarship through poetics, prose, and academic discourse. Though fairly new, poetic inquiry as a research method has been found in “social science disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, nursing, social work, geography, women’s/feminist studies and education,” (Prendergast, 2009, p. 545). Harnessing this methodology, Dr. Ayo Sekai ventures to push the limits of academic scholarship by interrogating poetic discourse to address stigmas, norms and psycho-cultural perceptions weaponized against Black people through language. Recognizing the usage of language in oppressive systems, A2 takes readers on an intellectual journey that harnesses the Black experience through poetically informed research, blending the socio-cultural lens of the spoken word. With a foundation of political science, and Sekai’s unique voice in the field of Linguistic Imperialism, this text provides eye-opening perspectives through its titular scholarly poetical science discourse.

Table of Contents:

Part I. Poems with Scholarly Discourse
Chapter 1. All About the Hair
Chapter 2. All Woman
Chapter 3. American Dream
Chapter 4. The Broken Bridge
Chapter 5. Compelled to Be Silent
Chapter 6. Counternarrative
Chapter 7. Courting Through the Drums
Chapter 8. Don’t Hate Me
Chapter 9. The Evolution of My Child
Chapter 10. Follicle Affair
Chapter 11. Get Out of My Way
Chapter 12. Halloween
Chapter 13. Her Name Is
Chapter 14. It’s Been a Long Long Time
Chapter 15. It’s the Same Thing
Chapter 16. My Nubian Sisters
Chapter 17. Named
Chapter 18. Namesake Alone
Chapter 19. Oblivion
Chapter 20. A People Dying
Chapter 21. Pride and Prejudice
Chapter 22. Queen
Chapter 23. South Africa
Chapter 24. Spiritually Grounded
Chapter 25. A Tribute

Part II. Poetical Science Discourse Analysis
Chapter 26. Nea Onnim
Poetical Analysis: African King
Poetical Analysis: Any Day Now
Poetical Analysis: Browning
Poetical Analysis: Coffee
Poetical Analysis: Disclosure
Poetical Analysis: The Homeless Cry
Poetical Analysis: I Found Me
Poetical Analysis: I Looked Into the Mountains
Poetical Analysis: Loving the Metaphor of Life
Poetical Analysis: Man and Child
Poetical Analysis: Oppression or Equal Rights
Poetical Analysis: Revolution
Poetical Analysis: Youth Crime! No More!

“Dr. Ayo Sekai uses poetry to reimagine academic scholarship, assert her voice as a linguistic scholar, and reclaim the narrative of her identity and heritage as an Afro-descendant. In doing so, she skillfully positions poetic activism as a potent nexus of art, literature, storytelling, and philosophical expression of societal worldview. This book offers a stimulating and innovative approach to the intellectual renewal and celebration of transcendental Africanity.”
—Mohamed S. Camara, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of African Studies
Editor-in-Chief, Howard Journal of African Studies
Howard University

“Dr. Sekai pulls from both her acquired academic knowledge and her lived experiences to provide a unique volume of Afrocentric thought and presents a voice that reflects the struggles and concerns throughout the diaspora. She does this while weaving reflective poetry through her content. Dr. Sekai uniquely uses poetry as the political framework of her volume. It is clearly worth reading.”
—Henry T. Frierson, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Past Associate Vice President and Graduate School Dean
College of Education
University of Florida

At 16 years old, Dr. Ayo Sekai penned the poem “South Africa,” poignantly weaving political activism, African consciousness, and the spirit of the ancestors. Her passion for Black people was so evident and powerful that I included it on my CD track “Short Takes,” released in 1992. As a self-trained musician, a bassist who began playing music at 12 years old, I recognized in Dr. Sekai the same defiance that moves me in my music and propels me to play the sounds of the Souls of Black Folk (W. E. B. Du Bois). Watching her evolve into the force of nature she is now is the manifestation of the hope of the slave, passing the torch of liberation and combining the synergies of words, like music notes writing the revolution in scholarship.

—Lonnie Plaxico Bassist
Composer, Producer Double Bass
Bass Guitar
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

About the Author

Ayo Sekai, Ph.D. | Ayo Sekai is an HBCU alumnus who earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from Howard University. Her research specializations in Black Politics and International Relations frame her research as a linguistic imperialist scholar, using Glottopolitics and Raciolinguistic methodologies to interrogate language structures that inform the legacy of oppression. She uses poetry as a methodology and evidence to frame social science inquiry and oral history.
She uses her public speaker, change-maker, and thought leader expertise to amplify your classrooms, symposiums, seminars, residency, visiting fellow, and lecture series. Visit Dr. Sekai’s webpage www.uwpbooks.com/about/meet-dr-ayo-sekai to download her media kit or calendar at calendly.com/ceo-ayosekaiphd to schedule your next event. Don’t miss out on her MP3 music poems EP, The Gift of Age, and her single COVID-19: Spiritual Warfare, on your favorite listening platform, including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music & YouTube.

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