The Afrocentric School [a blueprint] Sample Deck

The Afrocentric School [a blueprint] Sample Deck

The Euro-Arabic schooling of people has been critical to maintaining power over the spiritual, psychological, political, social, and economic development of Africa and her Diaspora across the world. In Africa, and outside of Africa, black and brown children are frequently alienated from their roots and made to believe that they have no culture, no science, no mathematics, no poetry, and no response to nature.

In understanding and respecting the cultural link to Africa, children can challenge the perpetual falsehoods. It opens up a way of thinking about self and the world that promotes the reawakening of ancient memory. In this way, cultural identity can be formed that is true to the heart and soul of the African child as s/he is formulating her/his understanding of reality.

In this presentation, we highlight a few of the many activities that teachers, parents, and families will find to reclaim African knowledge and reawaken an honest and restored cultural identity of their children.

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