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Bent Not Broken by the Shadows of History

March 3, 2024

By Ayo Sekai, Ph.D. The tides of history have had many shiftsTornadoes of social movements sweeping through nationsCausing rifts of pain, political uprisings and pandemics of disdaintaking with it not just what we wish would change, but those that we wish would stay the sameThe storms have been heavy when there is too much water […]

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Pioneering 20 Years: Universal Write Publications Marks Major Milestone

February 27, 2024

Independent Black-owned scholarly press celebrates two decades of amplifying Black voices and perspectives BALTIMORE, MD, February 26, 2024 – Universal Write Publications (UWP), an independent Black-owned scholarly press, is celebrating two decades of promoting and publishing academic works that underscore Black voices and narratives. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Ayo Sekai, UWP has flourished from […]

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Hip-Hop Represented Long Before Critical Race Theory Became a Conservative Rallying Point

January 30, 2024

Chapter Review: Illmatic Consequences: The Clapback to Opponents of ‘Critical Race Theory’: Chapter 5 Hip-hop culture turned 50 years old in 2023 and is in a state of multi-contextualism. Those who study the culture closely can identify many elements to critique, celebrate, exploit, and emulate simultaneously.  Andre 3000, one-half of the legendary Atlanta rap group […]

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Universal Write Publications represent the voices of the African Diaspora by publishing and promoting academic books and articles that enhance literacy and broaden worldviews through collective research using interdisciplinary theories with an emphasis on African and Black-centered scholarship.

The UWP Community Blog invites professional educators, community leaders, activists, philosophers, and creative theorists to submit social, anthological, and ethnographical content that dignifies the rich histories of the culturally diverse peoples who make up our society. Articles are published on the UWP Community page and shared with other UWP community members and, more widely, on social media. Authors may also be invited to participate in future events and panel discussions with partner organizations.

What we want:

  • Articles from experts in fields related to Black and African-centered topics.
  • Articles that offer a fresh, interesting take on higher education, social justice, legacy building, international and national stories, and Afrocentricity.
  • Use citations and links to articles and sources that give the reader more context.
  • UWP also accepts actionable, tips-based pieces, expert-backed trends pieces, and personal stories that are positioned as advice to graduate students, and community leaders
  • Strong writing that matches our voice and style (think, professional, insightful, but conversational and thought-provoking).

If you’re interested in joining and contributing original work to UWP, please use the guidelines above and submit your ideas/articles to

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