Cheyanne Rosier

Bumblebee Longhorn Needle

Bumblebee Longhorn Needle’s titular character is a fun, carefree bee who loves flowers and sunshine. When his happy-go-lucky demeanor catches the attention of a jealous butterfly, a story of bullying, pride, and envy takes flight. Together, the Butterfly and Bumblebee Longhorn Needle learn the importance of kindness towards others and the beauty of having good friends.  …

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Slayers are power-wielding demon hunters, and Mystical Levinhaark has been training to become one her entire life. After seventeen long years of work, there was just one final step: passing the trials and earning her official Slayer badge. However, when her trial goes awry, and she falls into demon territory, Myst finds herself in an …

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UNTAMED- by Cheyanne Rosier


Aera is the commander of the Royal Elite, a select group of fighters entrusted with the safety of their countrymen. When a series of murders rattle the kingdom, Aera and her team must rise to face an enemy unlike any they have faced before. With the help of an experienced demon hunter named Slayer, they …

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Slayer Book-Cover
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